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The Four MOST Important Letters In Security

Protect YOUR Home

At Marran, we understand the requirements of security in Nassau County. We’ll install a security system that’s customized to your needs. Marran has been a family run and Long Island based business for over 125 years, and we’ve been installing alarms since the late 1980s. We serve each customer with the same customized service that we pioneered over a century ago. We install the most cutting edge security and home automation solutions at the best value on Long Island. 

Whether you’re looking for a burglary alarm, fire protection, a full smart home automation installation, Marran has the solution. Our 24/7 monitoring is Long Island based, UL listed, and CSAA 5 diamond rated. Call for a free quote.

Nest Thermostat


Once you connect your thermostat to Wi-Fi, you can control it from anywhere.

Adjust the temperature from the app, and our thermostat quickly adjusts the temperature back at home.


At Marran, we know that every home, and every person, is different, so we don't install a cookie cutter alarm system. The placement of alarm sensors and the system programming can mean the difference between a secure home or business and one which is vulnerable to burglaries, so we ensure that our technicians are the best in the business.  Our basic package provides a level of protection that exceeds that provided by other companies, but we provide upgrades and add-ons to suit your individualized needs.

Marran's Central
Station Monitoring

Not all monitoring stations are the same—ours meets and exceeds the requirements for UL listing and a CSAA 5 diamond rating

Lock Your Door From

Marran’s smart door locks  can be unlocked using your phone,  whether you’re down the street, or on another continent. 

Heat Failure Sensors

Marran can tell you when your heat stops working. Protect your home from losing heat with a burner failure sensor or low temperature sensor.

You’ll have peace of mind, knowing that Marran is protecting your home not just from burglars, but also from frozen pipes and the damage that they can cause.

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